Our AEO-F certificate avoids unnecessary inspections

Anyone who conducts international trade will prefer to minimise inspections of merchandise and documents as much as possible. Not so that it is easier to operate shady business, but to facilitate the import and export of products. This is why the AEO-F (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate was created for customs. We were awarded the full AEO certification for both the safety AEO and the customs simplification AEO.

We have obtained this AEO-F certification alongside many other quality standards and certificates. It means that you yourself do not have to meet all sorts of conditions to benefit from the smooth handling of your shipment, particularly if we arrange all of your customs matters for you. If you want to be sure that your logistical process runs as efficiently as possible, then we are your ideal collaborative partner.

  • Our AEO-F certificate avoids extra inspections of your goods and customs papers
  • Our transports have priority at mandatory inspections
  • Your cargo therefore moves faster than with another transport company
  • You do not have to satisfy any extra conditions
  • The AEO-F certificate is only one of many of our certificates that guarantee quality


Our certification, your added value

In addition to the various certificates that guarantee our organisation’s quality — such as ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 — we have also obtained a number of certificates that ensure our shipments run smoothly through border controls.

One good example is our AEO-F certificate that, in many of our customers’ experiences, has provided great added value. As this certificate shows that we have attained considerable knowledge about customs matters, it ensures for fewer inspections and simpler declarations. And you do not have to do anything extra for it.



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