History of TTS

TTS has been a quality-conscious logistics service provider for almost 30 years


TTS Quality Logistics was founded on 1 March 1986 by Jacob de Vries and Ernine Tabois-van Wulfften Palthe. At that moment both had been employed in transport for a long time, so they pooled their resources and experience and founded TTS Transport Team Salland in Holten.

From the beginning a conscious decision was made to act as an expediter and hire equipment from other transporters. This was to guarantee flexibility and to offer clients the best possible service. In the early days Transport Team Salland primarily transported to Germany.

A good client of TTS asked whether they could also offer transport to Poland. In those days that was somewhat more difficult than it is today. And through this experience, a speciality emerged with transport to Eastern Europe and beyond.


TTS transports to Eastern Europe since 1986


On 9 November 1989 the “Berlin Wall”fell and trade with the countries in Eastern Europe picked up in the years that followed. The company’s first employees were also employed.


Transport Team Salland grew steadily and an office building was built in Rijssen, after outgrowing the office in Holten.

TTS is already specialized in transport to and from Poland since 1986.


After receiving inquiries from various TTS clients about whether warehousing could be offered, a warehouse of 3500 m2 was built behind the office building. This was the start of TTS’s successful full service warehousing.


TTS keeps growing, both in the area of transport as well as in warehousing of goods. In Rijssen, more warehouses were hired to keep up with the growing demand. TTS proves its quality-consciousness by receiving the ISO 9001 certificate in 1994.


TTS Transport Team Salland in 1993



In the meantime, TTS has extended its transport services to the whole of Eastern Europe and Russia. The first transportation to countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were achieved.


TTS further invests in its customs operations in order to better assist its clients in the field of customs and tax issues.


TTS builds additional structures for its warehousing operations. Meanwhile, the total capacity stands at 12,000 m2, distributed throughout several warehouses in Rijssen.


The rules governing both fields are tightened. This ensures that TTS is further distinguished by the HACCP food safety standard.


Meanwhile, the team at Transport Team Salland consists of 15 employees and a quality standard for the storage of animal feed is obtained as per the wishes of a client. The GMP-B3 certificate is attained.



TTS becomes one of the first logistics service providers to achieve the AEO-F (Authorised Economic Operator Full) standard. This further distinguishes TTS in the field of Customs Simplification and Security.



The European debt crisis breaks out. Despite the economic downturn, TTS is able to keep the business on track and even achieves a small growth.




Due to reasons of age, management decided that it was time to transfer the company to another party. The most important aspect of the transfer was to guarantee the continuation of Transport Team Salland. The shares were sold to a peer organisation, BTA International B.V. from Enschede. BTA International is known for its transportation to and from Portugal and Spain. The mentality and levelheaded attitude of both companies appeared to be a perfect match. Ernine Tabois-van Wulfften Palthe remained as Commercial Director of TTS. Jacob de Vries left the company after a handover period. Edwin Asveld became Managing Director and is responsible for both BTA International B.V. and TTS Transport Team Salland B.V.


After 30 years TTS is still the specialist for the to transportion to and from Eastern Europe


The TTS branding was renewed and Transport Team Salland renamed to TTS Quality Logistics B.V. Even in terms of quality, TTS does not stand still. As of 2014, TTS can now proudly store and receive organic foodstuffs with its SKAL certificate.

We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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