Transport Georgia

We take care of the transport and the ancillary matters

A transport to Georgia holds no secrets for us 

It may not be obvious, but Georgia is increasingly often the destination for Dutch transports. For Dutch organisations this can mean contributing to the export potential. And yet such an expedition requires more than just a truck and a driver. As we have all the knowledge required to organise such a transport, we can save you, as an entrepreneur, a considerable amount of time, for example by obtaining the right customs documents. And this also applies to a transport from Georgia, of course.

Transport to Georgia? The entire process under one roof at TTS.

  • Our transit time for a transport of a complete trailer to Georgia is only 8 to 12 days
  • Smaller shipments of goods always reach their destination within 12 to 18 days
  • We arrange the required documents for you, such as an EX-A and the COO
  • Our maximum loading weight for a transport from Georgia is 21 tonnes
  • It only takes one phone call for us to start up your transport


You do not have to do much to transport to Georgia, we take care of it!

As an entrepreneur there are a lot of regulations you have to observe. If you want to export goods abroad, the number of conditions only increases further. If your transport has Georgia as its destination, for example, you require an EX-A document to pass the last border checkpoints. A transport from Georgia also requires certain documents.

That is why such a transport can take up a great deal of your time. Time you would rather invest in other matters. Not only can we take care of the transport for you, but also of all accompanying ancillary matters. That is why your goods on a transport from Georgia can be on the road in only a couple of days. This way, you can always keep to your agreements without it costing you a great deal of time.

Does your transport have Georgia as its destination and do you want to know what we can do for your organisation? If you fill out the contact form we will get back to you in only a couple of hours. Is your transport urgent? If you  give us a call, we can let you know straight away what we can do for you.


We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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