Transport Iran

We know exactly what it involves

Have us take care of your transport to Iran 

Despite the fact that it is thousands of kilometres from the Netherlands, Dutch organisations do business with clients in Iran. In many cases, this requires a transport to Iran at some point. Only then does it become apparent how much has to be organised before a transport can reach Iran. Do you want to do business with Iran, but you do not want to spend days taking care of ancillary matters for every transport? Have us take care of the entire process for you. As we have years of experience we know what is required for the transport to run smoothly. And the same also applies to a transport from Iran.

TTS takes care of the entire process for your shipment to Iran

  • The transit time for a complete trailer is approx. 12 days
  • Small consignments of merchandise reach their destination within 24 days
  • Our customs department takes care of all customs matters for you
  • We accept loads weighing up to 20 tonnes to Iran for you
  • We can also set up a transport from Iran for you



It only takes one phone call to have us to start up your transport to Iran 

Due to the strict checks at the borders, among other things, there are many snags when a transport has to reach Iran. Yet you as a Dutch entrepreneur do not want to be put off by that. When you engage us as your logistics partner, this is no problem.

Because we not only organise a reliable and fast carrier, we also take care of the required customs documents, such as an EX-A and COO or other documents for you in-house. This ensures you always know you can start up an expedition without delays. The same applies to a transport from Iran, as we also have a great deal of experience with this. And because we know exactly what is required, it only takes one phone call to have us start up the transport.


Does your transport have Iran as its destination and do you want to exactly know what we can do for you? Fill out our contact form. Within just a few hours we will send you a customised quotation. Is it urgent and do you want to know about the possibilities straight away? Please give us a call and we will draw up a quotation straight away.


We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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