Transport Iraq

We also take care of all the customs and export matters for you

We can easily arrange a transport to Iraq

Even though this might sound strange to many people, many Dutch companies require a transport to Iraq. This is because there are many organisations there that Dutch people do business with. You can imagine that such a transport is not allowed to cross the border just like that. That is why we provide a total package of services that not only includes us organising a reliable carrier for you, but also all ancillary matters. Of course, we can also arrange a transport from Iraq for you.

Doing business with Iraq? TTS can take care of all your transportation needs

Therefore, if your transport has Iraq as its destination, then we are the ideal logistics partner.

  • We can arrange for a complete trailer to be in Iraq within only 10 days
  • Smaller quantities of merchandise have a transit time of approx. 22 days
  • We also arrange the required documents ourselves, e.g. an EX-A and the COO
  • Our maximum gross loading weight for Iraq is approx. 20 tonnes
  • We are also the ideal partner for a transport from Iraq


A transport to Iraq does not have to involve a lot of work for you

If you picture how far away the country is, you can imagine that a transport to Iraq is not very simple. Should you require such a transport anyway, as an entrepreneur you probably do not have the time to get the transport on its way. In which case, you can always rely on us; we have a large network of reliable carriers. Moreover, we have all the knowledge required to help prevent delays when your transport has to reach Iraq. In short, we need only one phone call to start up the whole process. This allows you to always keep to your agreements with your clients.


Does your transport have Iraq as its destination and do you want to know what we can do for you? Please complete contact form and we will always try to send you a quotation within a couple of hours. No time to lose? Then give us a call. We can also provide a price and schedule for the transport by phone.



We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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