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For a transport to Kyrgyzstan you need to be at TTS

Kirghizia is located over 6,000 kilometres away from the Netherlands. It even borders China. And yet there are Dutch entrepreneurs who do business with Kyrgyz partners to expand their operations. That is why there is a regular demand for transports to Kirghizia. Does this also apply to you? When a transport has to reach Kirghizia, we are the ideal logistics partner. Because not only do we take care of the transport, but also of all ancillary matters, such as customs documents or export documents. And of course the same applies to transport from Kirghizia.

  • TTS regelt uw transport naar Kirgizië alsmede alle benodigde randzaken We can arrange for a transport to arrive in Kirghizia within only 14 days
  • Small consignments of merchandise can be in Kyrgyzstan in approx. 22 days
  • We also take care of all the required customs documents for your transport
  • We can transport up to 20 tonnes of loading weight to Kirghizia for you
  • You will lose no time with a transport from Kirghizia either


Expand your opportunities with a transport to Kirghizia 

As an entrepreneur you are constantly looking for new markets. Obviously, the majority of these are located abroad. That is why it may occur that you require a transport to Kirghizia. In which case we are the most efficient partner you could wish for, because we always have a reliable transport available in no time and we also take care of all the accompanying ancillary matters.

That is why we can safely say: if your transport has Kirghizia as its destination, we are the ideal partner to work with. With us you are assured that you can always keep to the agreements with your clients, while you in the meantime can already start working on your next project.


Do you want your transport to reach Kirghizia/kyrgyzstan? State your wishes in our contact form and we will send you a quotation within a couple of hours. Or give us a call to avoid wasting time? Please give us a call and we will draw up a quotation straight away.



We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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