Storage and transhipment

Have us take care of your storage and transhipment  

With the transport of merchandise to the country of destination alone, the logistics process is not complete. In many cases, a complete load requires further distribution. That is why we provide a total solution for the storage and transhipment of your load, ensuring that you only need one logistics partner for the entire transport process.

We also take care of all the other services you require before, during or after the storage of goods. Do your products need labels? We will apply them for you. Does your load have to be repackaged into smaller parts? We take care of the packaging and dosing. Whatever you wish, the entire process of storage, transhipment and treatment is in good hands at TTS.


With storage and transhipment of TTS you will not have to worry about your goods


  • When we provide storage and transhipment your goods are fully taken care of
  • We can also take care of your stock management
  • We provide any form of Value Added Logistics for you
  • We can apply labels and stickers in-house
  • You only have one contact person for the entire logistics process

Storage and transhipment and everything involved 

If you outsource the entire logistics process to us, you no longer have any worries about the proper handling of an order. Even when you import raw goods from abroad, we can process them into unit stocks.

And if you do not want to worry about your merchandise during storage and transhipment, then let us take care of the stock management and distribution for your organisation. You will have a contact person at TTS who solves all logistics matters for you, making you available for business with new clients straight away.
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We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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