Our own Customs department takes care of all your customs matters 

A transport entails much more than just a reliable carrier. One of the main aspects is obtaining the right customs documents. Because these can prevent your transport experiencing delays at a border checkpoint, or that you have to pay excessive import duties.

However, for a layperson it is not easy to determine which documents are required for certain goods or a specific destination. Fortunately, our customs department has experts who know exactly what is required for a transport to run smoothly. They also ensure that you do not have to obtain export documents from the Chamber of Commerce, because we do this for you in-house.

Moreover, our AEO-F status guarantees that we have fewer physical checks, can file declarations more easily and achieve a fast completion of general customs formalities.


With TTTS you have your supply of Customs under control!

  • Outsource obtaining customs documents to experts
  • Prevent unnecessary delays and costs regarding your transport
  • You no longer need to visit the Chamber of Commerce yourself for export documents
  • Each destination requires specific documents
  • Have us take care of all other ancillary matters with respect to your transport


Our customs experts save you time and money

EUR.1, EUR-MED, ATR en COO: for a person with little knowledge of logistics these are probably unknown abbreviations. Fortunately, you can use our customs department for this purpose. Our people ensure that your transport is always accompanied by the correct documents. By outsourcing this work you not only save a great deal of time, but also the risk of unnecessary high import duties.

Do you want to import goods and export them again later? Or store them in the Netherlands but not declare them at customs yet? We have a customs warehouse where you can store your goods ‘in customs warehousing’. This prevents you having to pay unnecessary high import duties.

Do you want to know more about obtaining a specific document or are you interested in knowing which documents are required for your transport? You can contact us via the contact form or by telephone. Our experts can answer any question you might have about customs matters.


Customs matters we take care of include:

  • EUR.1 and EUR-MED certificates
  • ATR certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Customs warehouse
  • Import declarations
  • Export declarations

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We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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