At TTS we find it important to go the extra mile for our customers. We do this by ensuring that we have multiple certificates and quality marks. In addition, we find personal contact an important factor in increasing the quality of TTS. That is why you have your own contact person with us who is always available.

When you are looking for a service provider, you like to do business with a reliable party. When both parties get along well and deliver added value to each other, this ensures that both parties benefit from the collaboration. At TTS we find it important to help each other further. In order to provide our customers with the highest possible quality, we not only have certificates and quality marks that demonstrate that we are a reliable partner. We think it is important that our customers are satisfied with the service and are happy to use positive word-of-mouth advertising!

In order to meet certain conditions of our customers, we have several certificates and quality marks. In addition, TTS has a transport department and a customs department. In this way we can take care of the entire logistics process of our customers. The transport department ensures that the goods come from A to B. The customs department ensures that the transport has the necessary documents and exemptions. Together this ensures that the transport can run smoothly.


High quality for an affordable price

At TTS we ensure that transports run smoothly with personal contact and a lot of knowledge. We choose our carriers carefully and speak the language of the country of destination. All these small things ensure that we can offer high quality. Due to our independent position we can offer an attractive price.

Our specialists are happy to help you!

Our specialists are happy to help you with your logistical challenge. Whether it concerns a transport to Germany or Kazakhstan, an ATR certificate or import declaration, we are happy to help you.

Our specialists are happy to help you
TransHeroes Portal

You also get access to our portal

When you book a transport with us, you also get access to our portal. There you will find all information and documentation about your transport. You can also book new transports in this environment, chat with your contact person and see the status of your shipment. Simple and clear in 1 place!

Quality since 1986

Since 1986 we have been engaged in providing high quality at an affordable price. This way we ensure that you have your own contact person who knows everything about your transport or customs matters. In addition, a customer portal has also been developed. Everything about a transport can be found here. Here it is possible to view the status of transports, consult documentation, chat live & book new transports. We think it is important to make things as easy as possible for our customers.

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