Every day, the customs specialists of TTS EUR.1 / EUR-MED provide certificates for many different companies. A EUR.1 certificate is not mandatory, but it can save you a lot of money. Ask one of our specialists for more information about this!

An EUR.1 certificate, also known as an EUR.1 document, gives the importer an advantage of a reduction of the import duties or even complete exemption thereof. The EUR.1 certificate can be used for all countries with which the European Union has a trade agreement. The EUR.1 document indicates the preferential origin of the goods. The EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate is not compulsory, but can promote trade between you and your partner outside the EU. The importer has to pay less or no import duties. This makes trade between both parties more attractive.

A EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate can be beneficial for many countries outside the EU. For an up-to-date overview of which countries these are, we link to the factsheet of the Chamber of Commerce. Here you can see an up-to-date overview of all countries with which a trade agreement has been concluded. The type of agreement is also described here. Are you stuck? No worries. Our customs specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities for your goods and destination. Simply contact them via our contact page!

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TTS not only provides customs documents, but also has an associated transport department. So we not only take care of the documents or the transport, but can also arrange the entire logistics process. Your entire logistics process provided by a real specialist!

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Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of customs, we can easily and quickly take care of your customs documents. Simply request a quote!

EUR.1 document

Inexpensively arranged via TTS

If you do not have the knowledge or software to draw up a EUR.1 certificate yourself, it is best to engage a specialist. The customs officers of TTS have many years of experience in drafting EUR-MED & EUR.1 documents. In addition, TTS has an AEO certificate. This gives you the guarantee that you will be doing business with a reliable party.

When a EUR.1 / EUR-MED certificate?

You can use a EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate when you are going to export to countries outside the EU with which a trade agreement has been concluded. As a result, some goods will have less or even no import duties. This stimulates trade between the EU and these countries. It is not mandatory to use a EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate.

Why should I let TTS do this for me?

The customs specialists at TTS have a lot of experience in drawing up this document. In addition, TTS also has an AEO status. So you have the guarantee that you are doing business with a reliable partner. In addition, TTS also has all the necessary software so that a EUR.1 document can be drawn up easily and inexpensively.

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