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We can now speak of a history, TTS was founded in 1986 in Holten. Under the name Transport Team Salland (TTS), the adventure has started that laid the foundation for the current TransHeroes | Smart Logistics Provider. From the start, the conscious choice was made to work as a forwarding agent and to hire equipment from other carriers. This is to guarantee flexibility and to serve customers optimally. In the early days, Transport Team Salland mainly transported to Germany.

TTS has been a quality-conscious logistics service provider for 30 years

TTS Transport Team Salland B.V. was founded on 1-3-1986 by Jacob de Vries and Ernine Tabois-van Wulfften Palthe. Both had been working in transport for some time at that time, they decided to bundle their strength and experience and set up TTS in Holten.

From the start, the conscious choice was made to work as a forwarding agent and to hire equipment from other carriers. This is to guarantee flexibility and to serve customers optimally. In the early days, Transport Team Salland mainly transported to Germany.

A good customer of TTS asked if they could also offer transports to Poland. At the time, that was a lot more difficult than it is now. This eventually resulted in the specialty to Eastern Europe and beyond.

TTS is growing rapidly over the years

Over the years, TTS has grown rapidly and receives many new customers and assignments. Due to the rapid growth, there are several relocations. There will also be a management change, after which a different path will be taken. The overview below shows the changes over the years.


On November 9, 1989, “the Berlin wall” was demolished and in the years that followed, trade with the countries of the Eastern bloc continued. The first members of staff have now also been hired.


Transport Team Salland is growing steadily and is building an office building in Rijssen, because they outgrow the office in Holten.


At the request of various customers whether TTS can also offer warehousing, a warehouse of 3500 m2 is being built behind the office building. This was the start of TTS's successful Full Service warehousing formula.


TTS continues to grow, both in the field of transport and in warehousing of goods. In Rijssen, warehouses are also rented to meet the growing demand for warehousing. TTS shows itself to be quality conscious, because it already received the ISO 9001 certificate in 1994.


TTS has now expanded its transport services to all of Eastern Europe and Russia. The first transports to countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have been realized.


TTS continues to invest in its customs activities in order to be able to provide its customers with even better guidance on customs and tax issues.


TTS is building an extra warehouse for its warehousing activities. The total capacity is now at 12,000 m2, divided over several warehouses in Rijssen.


The rules are being tightened up in many areas. This ensures that TTS will further distinguish itself with the HACCP food safety mark.


The Transport Team Salland team now has 15 employees and in that year a quality mark is added on the wishes of the customer to store animal feed. The GMP-B3 quality mark is a fact.


TTS is one of the first logistics service providers to achieve the AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator Full) standard. This further distinguishes TTS in the field of customs simplification and security.


The European debt crisis is breaking out. Despite the economic headwind, TTS manages to keep the company on track and even experiences slight growth.


Due to age aspects, the management decides that it is time to transfer the company to another party. The most important aspect of the transfer is that the continuity of Transport Team Salland is guaranteed. The shares will be sold to branch associate BTA International from Enschede. BTA International is known for its transports to and from Portugal and Spain. The mentality and down-to-earth attitude of both companies turn out to be a perfect match. Ernine Tabois-van Wulfften Palthe will remain temporarily as commercial director of TTS. Jacob de Vries leaves the company after a transfer period. Edwin Asveld becomes Managing Director and is responsible for both BTA International B.V. as TTS Transport Team Salland B.V ..


The corporate identity of TTS is being addressed and Transport Team Salland is renamed TTS Quality Logistics B.V .. TTS is also not standing still when it comes to quality. From 2014, TTS can also store organic foods and is proud to receive the SKAL Biocontrol certificate. At the end of 2014, commercial director Ernine Tabois-van Wulfften Palthe leaves the company.


The Warehousing department is expanded with 3735m2 in Nijverdal. Due to a lack of capacity in Rijssen, this modern building in Nijverdal has to be moved. At the end of 2015, TTS Quality Logistics, together with sister company BTA International from Enschede, won the Golden Gazelle 2015 in the province of Overijssel. A crown on the hard work of all team members of both companies. With a revenue growth of 128%, the umbrella holding company ATB Group B.V. the fastest grower in Overijssel in its turnover category.


Once again, the Warehousing department of TTS will have a large number of extra square meters available. By renting the former CanDo distribution center (Steffex), TTS is expanding its warehouse department from 24,000m2 to no less than 32,000m2. 2016 is also the year of no less than 30 years of TTS!

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