Transport insurance

Transport insurance

Transport insurance is an important aspect when you have to make a choice between different providers. At TTS we find it important to clearly state what it is all about. In our clear diagram we show how transport insurance works for us.

TTS Quality Logistics is part of the TransHeroes | Smart Logistics Group. All TransHeroes business units apply the same conditions, which is so easy. We like clear language and clear agreements, which is why all our conditions are on one A4 sheet and we refer to the industry standard: Logistic Service Conditions 2014. It is good to know that TTS only acts as a forwarder. What that is exactly is also explained in the TransHeroes conditions.

A complete overview of all conditions can be found in the TransHeroes conditions. To give a brief overview of the transport insurance, we have highlighted a part of it on this page. You can also download an overview of the liability and limits. This way you can immediately see what the transport insurance contains and you can easily print it. For the full terms and conditions for TTS and TransHeroes, please refer to the TransHeroes terms and conditions via the link above.

Is something unclear or do you want more information about the insurance or conditions? Then simply contact us. We are happy to explain how it works!

Contact specialists

Our specialists will help you further

Our specialists are happy to tell you about the insurance during transport. We understand that your goods are valuable and would like to relieve you of all worries. Contact us to find out more about our transport insurance!

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