Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse

TTS customers use the customs warehouse every day. Goods can be stored here without having to pay import duties immediately.

When goods come from outside the EU, they will normally have to be cleared. An alternative option is to store the goods 'under customs'. This means that the goods can be stored without having to pay import duties immediately. This is useful, for example, when you only need the goods for a longer period of time. When you export the goods, no import duties have to be paid at all. This increases the liquidity of a company and provides extra flexibility.

Thanks to our AEO status, you also have the guarantee that you are doing business with a reliable partner. This also ensures that we are checked less often. This limits risks and reduces delays. Our specialists are happy to inform you about the possibilities in the field of customs warehousing. That way you know exactly what the options are!

AEO certified

AEO certified

Our AEO status gives you as a customer the guarantee that you are doing business with a reliable party. This certificate also indicates that you are doing business with a real specialist!

We do more than just customs!

In addition to arranging customs documents and related matters, we do a lot more. We also have a transport department that can import or export your shipment. TTS can therefore take care of your entire logistics process.


TTS is happy to help you!

Our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of customs warehousing. They are therefore happy to help you with issues you have in this area. If you think it is necessary to use a customs warehouse, it is best to contact a real specialist. This prevents unnecessary costs and checks. You can easily ask your question or request more information via the contact form. You can of course also contact one of our specialists by telephone.

What is a bonded warehouse?

A customs warehouse is a location approved by customs where goods are stored that are subject to excise duties, import duties, VAT and / or anti-dumping duties. Today, the business community is almost entirely responsible for the control and supervision of the customs warehouse. Customs still carries out unannounced checks at these locations. It is therefore also important that all things are in order. When you do business with a real specialist, you can assume that these matters have been arranged.

What types of bonded warehouses are there?

There are two types of customs warehouses, namely a public customs warehouse and a private customs warehouse. A public customs warehouse is available to every company. These bonded warehouses are often used for short-term storage of non-union goods. Private warehouses are reserved for the storage of goods for the holder of the customs warehouse. The holder of this license is also responsible for the storage of the goods.

Can the goods be processed in the warehouse?

Basically it is not allowed to handle or process goods in the customs warehouse. Exceptions have been made for a number of products or product categories. This is also referred to as 'usual treatments'. These are aimed at keeping the products in good condition, improving the presentation or preparing them for distribution / resale. Consider, for example, repacking goods, keeping plants and trees in good condition, treating fruit & vegetables against parasites or adjusting a machine for resale. Ask our specialists about the possibilities for your products.

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