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Every day several trailers leave for Belgium under the flag of TTS. As an independent party, we guarantee the most suitable solution for transport from or to Belgium.

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Calculate your price yourself
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Experience with transport since 1986
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Transport to Belgium, a trusted address for years

Several trailers depart from the Netherlands to Belgium every day. Although Belgium is a neighboring country like Germany, a transport to Belgium requires some organization. Complete trailers (FTL), a single pallet and groupage (LTL) shipments are possible. In addition to regular transport to Belgium, it is also possible to transport with refrigerated transport, special transport and even private transport.

Our excellent groupage service guarantees that small shipments to Belgium are also delivered as agreed. As an independent party, we guarantee quality at an affordable price. In this way a transport to Belgium is easy and inexpensive with high quality!

Carefree from and to Belgium

When you are going to transport (perhaps for the first time) to Belgium, we understand that you have a number of questions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is important and we are happy to answer all your questions. Our knowledge and experience will help you with carefree transport to Belgium. Are there any questions we haven't answered below? Easily start a live chat with one of our specialists. They are happy to help you!

What is the term for a transport Belgium?

The transit time for a transport to Belgium depends on a number of factors. For example, the destination, loading location, type of transport and quantity play a role in this. Several trucks leave for Belgium every day under the flag of TTS. This also means that we are quite flexible. In our Transculator you can easily calculate the transport costs and transit time. You can also determine for yourself whether the speed has a high priority or the price of the transport to Belgium.

How do you transport to Belgium?

Because we work as a freight forwarder, we are an independent party. We know exactly which carrier suits your transport to Belgium and we coordinate this with you. This means that we are also not dependent on available equipment and can therefore switch quickly when necessary. Ask one of our specialists about the possibilities.

How does a transport to Belgium via TTS work?

That is actually very simple. With the help of our Transculator you can easily calculate the transport costs and the transit time. In the calculation you have the choice between a high speed or a lower price. So you decide for yourself what you find important for your transport to Belgium. After calculating, you have the option to directly book the transport or to request a free quote. In both cases you will have access to our portal where you can easily find all relevant information about your transport from or to Belgium. Here you can also approve, supplement or cancel the quotation. You can arrange everything yourself in the portal without having to contact us. Of course our specialists are ready for you if you still have a question!

Refrigerated transport Belgium or conditioned transport Belgium

In addition to regular transport to Belgium, we also have options for refrigerated transport. A refrigerated transport, or rather conditioned transport, can have temperatures between -18 and +25 degrees Celsius. This means that we can, for example, transport frozen goods and flowers, but also products that require the trailer to be heated. Ask one of our specialists what is possible with refrigerated transport or conditioned transport.

Special transport / heavy transport

Heavy transport, also known as special transport, is a type of transport that occurs regularly for some companies. Special transport to Belgium is easy to arrange with TTS. Our specialists know exactly which carrier can best transport your exceptional transport to Belgium. We also arrange all exemptions and documentation. As a result, you no longer have to worry about your special transport to Belgium.

Courier Belgium

It regularly happens that an urgent transport to Belgium is required. We know exactly which courier is best for Belgium and suits your transport. A courier service for Belgium is easy to arrange with TTS. We not only take care of the urgent transport to Belgium itself, but also all the peripheral matters that come with it. Ask one of our specialists about our courier Belgium.

Am I always insured against damage?

We are proud to say that fortunately things don't go wrong that often. Should damage nevertheless occur, you are of course simply insured through the carrier we have arranged. More information about the insurance can be found in our transport insurance. Are you struggling or do you want more information? Start a live chat, email us or contact us by phone via our help and contact page.


Competitive rate for your transport Belgium

We guarantee that you will always be offered a competitive rate. Because we work as a forwarder, we know exactly which carrier suits your shipment. Depending on your preference for price or speed, we choose the best option. This means that we choose an economical carrier if the price is the most important to you.

A personal environment

With us you get your own environment within our portal. After requesting a free quote or booking your transport, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to log in to our portal. Here you will find all relevant information about your current transport, you can approve offers and book new transports.

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Transport België

Belgium, one of our most important trading partners

After Germany, Belgium is the trading partner to which we export the most. Every year we export more € 48 billion to Belgium! That is about 10% of total Dutch exports. The main products that the Netherlands exports to Belgium are crude oil (products), chemical products and various manufactured products. All these exports create a high demand for transports to Belgium. With our experience and knowledge, we guarantee high-quality transport for an affordable price.

We arrange it from A to Z.

After approving the offer, you no longer have to worry about your transport Belgium. We ensure that your shipment is loaded, transported and unloaded. We also arrange any necessary documents. This way we ensure that you no longer have to worry about peripheral matters such as this transport. If you still have questions about the transport, you can easily contact your contact person.

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