Transport Mongolia

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Transport Mongolia, not for everyone a daily job

Transport Mongolia - we know the way! Mongolia, not exactly a destination where entrepeneurs are looking for their customers. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to see how much tranpsort is going to Mongolia. Because of the great distance from Europe, the different countries which have to be crossed during the transport, it is not an easy task for just an ordinary transport company. The lack of experience can be a big problem during the transit from your goods. Do you have all the right documentation, which bordercrossing will you take? Are you going by train or truck? These are all questions for which we have the answer. We take care of the complete process including the documents needed for your transport to Mongolia.

  • Complete loads will take more or less 13 days to arrive in Mongolia
  • Groupage transport to Mongolia has a transittime from 16 till 21 days
  • We can load up to 20 tons on a truck, even more when we go by train
  • Our customs experts will advice you to arrange all the necessary paperwork.
  • Besides a transport to Mongolia, we also transport to Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and Tajikistan

Please make use of our experience with your transport Mongolia

Transport Mongolië or Ulan Bator?Knowledge of the country and the countreis which you are crossing is an absolute requirement if you want to arrange a smooth transport. Our own customs department (AEO-F certified) knows what they are talking about, as they prepare documents for these destination on a daily basis. We ensure you that every point and every comma is on the right place in your documents. Better safe than sorry is our motto!

Besides the paperwork is the transport from your goods obviously also very important. You can count on us, we know the right cost-efficient hauliers who know the local market and are not new to this kind of transport. So, should you need a transport to Mongolia? We are your partner!

Does your transport have Mongolia as its destination and are you interested in knowing howmuch a transport like this will cost? Complete the quotation form online  and we will send you a quotation within a couple of hours. Do your goods have to be transported to Central Asia and do you have no time to lose? Please give us a call and we will draw up a quotation straight away.


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