Retain an organic status with our SKAL certification

The demand for organic products is increasing. It is therefore not surprising that there are yet more stringent requirements for the production and supply chain of organic food. But it does not end there: special rules have also been drawn up for products to retain their organic status after transport and storage.

The SKAL certificate shows whether an organisation meets all of these regulations. As we have obtained this certification, with us you will always be sure that your goods will also retain their organic status after transportation and distribution. They retain their value and you can confidently do business in a growing market.

  • We have obtained SKAL certification
  • Your foodstuffs retain their organic status
  • The certificate guarantees our high standards and quality requirements
  • After transportation, your products may carry the EKO label on the packaging
  • The SKAL certificate is only one of many of our certificates

The SKAL certificate removes much of the uncertainty

When you import organically produced products you want to be sure that they maintain that certification in the Netherlands. But there are so many rules involved that it is impossible to know yourself what requirements you need to meet. That is why we have the SKAL certificate. With it we can demonstrate that we have attained all of the knowledge and capabilities to transport, store and tranship, package and label your organic products.

Moreover, because we are inspected by SKAL regularly, you can be sure that your organic products are in good hands. After every inspection, we have managed to retain the certificate and we do everything we can to hold on to it.


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